Sit back and relax, our hostesses have the cooking and washing up covered! They will keep the boat stocked up with delicious local delicacies.

First time sailing?

First time sailing?

We make sailing accessible to everyone. Your skipper will navigate your yacht throughout the week, while your hostess will do the shopping, cooking and washing up so that you don’t have to. These little extras will make a big difference for your dream holiday.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Your hostess will present you with a menu and send it to you as an essential guide. Specific requests are more than welcome! Not only trained chefs, but our hostesses are also knowledgeable about every destination and can make restaurant recommendations and bookings on your behalf. When you choose a yacht, you should bear in mind that your hostess will need to sleep in one of the beds on the yacht.

Quick FAQs

Quick FAQs
  • Professionally trained
  • First-hand knowledge of all of our destinations
  • Sleeps on the boat - reserve a spot for her!

So, what will a hostess do?

A hostess will...

  • Shop for all groceries
  • Cook all breakfasts, all lunches and two evening meals
  • Wash the dishes and keep the kitchen tidy
  • Recommend and make restaurant bookings
  • Sleep on the boat (preferably in a cabin or in the saloon)

A hostess won’t...

  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Clean the cabins
  • Be responsible for navigating the yacht
  • Clean the exterior of the yacht
  • Babysit the kids!